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PubMed Tutorials

PubMed tutorials and resources for both the beginning and mored advanced PubMed user.

Printable PubMed Guide 

Introduction to PubMed

This video will introduce you to the PubMed database and cover how to do a keyword search, the contents of a PubMed record, finding similar articles in PubMed, and retrieving the full text of articles found using PubMed. 

Advanced PubMed search using MeSH terms

Medical Subject Headings (also known as MeSH terms) can be used to construct an advanced search in PubMed. 

Introduction to Subject Headings

Unfamiliar with the concept of subject headings? Watch this quick video to find out how subject headings can benefit your search strategy. 

Using MeSH terms

This brief video will demonstrate how to create a search using MeSH terms

Combining MeSH terms

Create an advanced search by combining multiple MeSH terms 

Systematic Reviews & Meta-analyses in PubMed 

Retrieving the full text

Finding the full text of articles found in PubMed can be tricky. PubMed only contains information about articles, not the articles themselves. To retrive the full text of articles published in journals the library subscribes to, use USF's Full Text Finder. 

Full Text Finder

Interlibrary Loan

Articles published in journals the library does not subscribe to can be ordered via interlibrary loan. To learn more about interlibrary loan at USF, visit: 

More PubMed resources 

Ask A Librarian