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Connect to Online Resources

Learn how to access, use, and link to the library's online resources.

Accessing Online Resources

The library uses OpenAthens for authentication and access to online resources.

USF students, staff, and faculty use their myUSF credentials to access online resources wherever they are. Users will only need to authenticate to OpenAthens once per session. An OpenAthens session stays active for up to 8 hours, unless you clear your browser cache and cookies. The authentication process will differ based on whether resources are accessed via library websites or directly from a content provider website.

Accessing online resources via library websites

Users accessing online resources via any library website (Fusion searchIgnacio catalogDatabases A-Z list, etc.) will be prompted to Sign in through myUSF.

Accessing online resources directly via content provider websites

OpenAthens allows users to access the library's licensed online resources directly from content provider websites, so long as the content provider has this feature configured on their website. Every content provider is different, but users must follow these steps to sign in:

  • Find the "Sign in" or "Login" button on the content provider's website (typically, this is located at the top right corner of the page)
  • If available, select OpenAthens as the sign in method
  • In the Find your organisation search box, input University of San Francisco
  • Sign in through myUSF

openathens login


to myUSF

Guest access

Guest access to online resources is only granted while inside the Library and is dependent on our alumni and visitor policy.

Getting Help

If you are having difficulties logging in, contact us for help.

More information about our authentication system, OpenAthens.

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