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Staff Directory

Librarians & Staff A to Z

Name & Position Phone & Email
person reading​Andrews, Nicola
Open Education Librarian
staff photo​Benrubi, Debbie
Head of Metadata & Collection Management
(415) 422-5672
staff photoBisconer, Delia
Interlibrary Loan Assistant
(415) 422-7534
staff photoBriggs, Chanda
Outreach Librarian

staff photoCalhoun, Shawn
University Library Dean
(415) 422-2048
person readingChuakay, Janice
Assistant to the Dean & Office Manager
(415) 422-2035
staff photoCollins, Matthew
Reference Librarian
(415) 422-6923
staff photo​Dunagan, Patrick
E-resources Assistant
(415) 422-6953
staff photoFerguson, David
Continuing Resources Assistant
(415) 422-5677
staff photo​Gilgan, Amy
Reference Librarian & Education Liaison
(415) 422-6963
staff photoHawk, John
Head of Special Collections & University Archives
(415) 422-2036
staff photoHernandez, Tyler
Instruction & Outreach Assistant
(415) 422-5675
staff photoJohnson, Erika
Associate Dean for Collection Services
(415) 422-6417
staff photoKimura, Sherise
Head of Electronic Resources & Systems
(415) 422-5379
staff photoLam, Michelle
Acquisitions & Budget Specialist
(415) 422-5678
staff photoLerotic, Vesna
Catalog Assistant
(415) 422-5673
staff photo​Logans, Brandon
Acquisitions Technician
(415) 422-3929
staff photoLyon, Anders
User Experience & Web Design Librarian
(415) 422-6907
person readingMariconi, Jared
Senior Access Services Assistant
(415) 422-2663
staff photoMurphy, Katlyn
Electronic Resources & Systems Assistant 
(415) 422-7526
staff photoPho, Annie
Head of Instruction & Outreach
(415) 422-2759
staff photoReid, Annie
University Archivist
(415) 422-5352
staff photoSalas, Magaly
Student Success Librarian
(415) 422-5674
staff photoSchumacher, Brian
Systems Librarian
(415) 422-3741
staff photoScott, Penny
Reference Librarian & Business Liaison
(415) 422-5389
staff photo​Shappy, Eric
Reference Assistant
(415) 422-2045
staff photoSharifi, Claire
Head of Reference & Research Services
(415) 422-5399
staff photoSolares, Gina
Digital Collections Librarian
(415) 422-5361
Souther, Randy
Reference Librarian
(415) 422-5388
staff photo​Spector, Carol
Reference & Government Information Librarian
(415) 422-2040
person readingVasquez, Jillian
Evening/Weekend Library Assistant
(415) 422-2236
person readingVogt, Lauren
Student Workers and Stacks Maintenance Assistant
(415) 422-7538
person readingWilson, Maura
Special Collections & University Archives Assistant
(415) 422-6940
staff photoWong, Billy
Reserves Assistant
(415) 422-6908
person readingVacant
Electronic & Continuing Resources Cataloging Librarian
person readingVacant
Evening/Weekend Library Assistant
person readingVacant
Evening/Weekend Library Assistant
person readingVacant
Library Assistant for Digital Projects
person readingVacant
Technical Services Librarian

Emeriti Librarians

Name Email
staff photoCannon, Tyrone
University Library Dean Emeritus
Ewen, Eric P.
Librarian Emeritus
In Memoriam
Garity, Joseph
​Librarian Emeritus
Grant, Mary Sue
​Librarian Emerita
Hudson, Ivan L.
​Librarian Emeritus
Johnson, Karen
​Librarian Emerita
In Memoriam
Malone, Deborah
​Librarian Emerita
Novak, Hille S.
​Librarian Emerita
In Memoriam
​Rosen, Vicki
​Librarian Emerita
Watson, Benjamin C.
​Librarian Emeritus
Woo, Kathleen A.
Librarian Emerita
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