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Library Building Closed Today
The Gleeson Library building and Atrium are closed today due to poor air quality. The library's online resources and services are still available.

Gleeson Zine Library

Zine Making Kits

Zine Making Kits are available for checkout at the front desk. 

The kits circulate for 2 hours and are only to be used inside the library.

Zine Kits include:

  • scissors
  • colored markers
  • glue sticks
  • bone folder
  • x-acto knives and a cutting mat
  • Bookbinding supplies
  • Colored and plain paper
  • Stickers
  • Collage material: magazines, maps, images
  • Instuctional zines
  • 8 page mini zine instructions 
  • Pamphlet stitch instructions  
  • Folio style, Pagination and Printing
  • Submission forms




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