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Academic English for Multilingual Students

Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper Articles

These databases cover all topics and are the best place to begin searching for journal and magazine articles.

These databases have full text newspaper articles.

These databases are good for overviews of current issues.

This database covers authors and literature.

Selected Websites

Here are some websites suggested by AEM faculty:

General ESL Sites

The Internet Picture Dictionary
An online picture dictionary website. There are vocabulary games as well as pictures and words. The picture dictionary is available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

Dave’s ESL Cafe
A comprehensive website for students and teachers. There are a variety of ESL exercises (for example, pronunciation, idioms, grammar) for beginning to advanced ESL learners.

ESL Gold
A comprehensive site with a variety of ESL exercises covering all basic skills as well as Business and test preparation (TOEFL/TOEIC) for beginning to advanced ESL learners.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab
A website for working on your listening comprehension. Listening passages and exercises are categorized as easy, medium, and difficult. There are also academic listening lectures and exercises.

Activities for ESL Students
A website with activities (quizzes, exercises, and puzzles) to help you learn English.


Educational Testing Service
The Educational Testing Service (ETS) has information about registering for the TOEFL, test dates and times, and general information. It also includes TOEFL practice exams.

A website with TOEFL practice questions and guidance for improving your TOEFL score.

About ESL
A general ESL website, but with emphasis on test preparation. There is a daily TOEFL quiz, tips to help you improve your TOEFL score, and many other exercises.

Test Magic
A test preparation site that focuses on the TOEFL Structure section. There are free tests, tips, and lots of practice exercises.



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