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BUS 100 Researching a New Product/Service Idea (Lucaccini)

Industry Descriptions and Overviews, Plus Potential Competitors

Industry News and Trends

Professional Associations:

​These are great for finding out what people in the profession or industry area are reading and thinking about, as well as current trends. For many associations, some of the content is freely available, while other content is available to members only. To find industry associations, try these tools:

Look for web sites for organizations and associations that address the problem you are researching. To do this, use the search engine of your choice, and simply type in your topic and the word organizations (ex. unemployment and organizations).

Researching Potential Customers

Want to use a quick and easy survey method to reach your potential customers? Try Google Forms. Quick how-to guide.

Market Share and Statistics

Researching How Things are Made

How It's Made: Discovery Science: Science Channel

How Everyday Things are Made: Stanford University

How Products are Made

Modern Marvels: History Channel

Citing Your Sources

Whenever you do research, you will need to cite the information sources that you use. Most business scholars use APA style. Here are some tools that can help you with this task:


Gleeson Library's guide to citations: How? Why? When? 


Getting Help!

There are several ways to obtain assistance with your research. Read on!

You have your very own librarian! She is Penny Scott, and you can contact her for help. 

Her contact information is: email: * phone: 415-422-5389

It is best to  email ahead, or make an appointment, to make sure she is available! Appointments are available virtually via Zoom, or in person, and are great for groups or individuals. If you don't see a time that works for you, email Penny. 

If Penny is not available, or any time you need help, you can always get help, just Ask a Librarian!

You can also take a look at our Research Guides on many topics!

Ask A Librarian