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PASJ 110: Introduction to Performing Arts and Social Justice


Plays and Videos


Finding Plays

To find plays and playscripts at Gleeson, go to:

  1. Gleeson's Catalog Ignacio
  2. Click the Advanced Search link
  3. Under Enter Search Terms, select Genre/Form from the drop down menu on the left and enter PLAYSCRIPTS
  4. You can limit your search by adding additional search terms. Try changing the drop down menu to TITLE and entering the specific title of a play. Alternately, you can change the drop down menu to keyword, and search for a general word like "women" which might return plays by or about women, for example.


To search across all of Gleeson's videos, use this link. (You can request that we mail you DVDs, if available)

To search across all of Gleeson's STREAMING videos, use this link.


Kanopy is a streaming video service that provides an excellent selection of films. Gleeson Library only provides access to a few faculty requested films through Kanopy because it is a very expensive service. However, many public libraries provide access to Kanopy, so if you have a local public library card, you can see if your library carries Kanopy and use the streaming service through them.

San Francisco Public Library does carry Kanopy. All residents of San Francisco can apply for a San Francisco Library Public Library Card.

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