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THRS 357 Performing Texts from Religious Literature (Antokhin)


This guide provides resources for professor Andrei Antokhin's class: Performing Texts from Religious Literature (THRS 357)  This page focuses on resources specific to the assignments in that classs. On the left are pages for general theology and religious studies and that that focus on particular religions, and/or themes.

The thematic pages are under construction. More resources are being added and new thematic pages are being created. Please schedule an appointment if you need assistance finding resources for your topic.

Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Journal article search tips

When looking for a specific text or an article: Enter the full title in the first search box.  Select Title as the search type.  The search types are typically in a drop down menu on the right of the search box.  (Usually the search type defaults as a keyword search.) 

When looking for articles about a specific text:  Put the full title in quotation marks  in the first search box. Select keyword as the search type.  additional search boxes can be used to narrow to articles focused on the text and specific themes.

When you have found a good article, review the bibliography for other possible good sources.  Alternatively you can use Google Scholar and its cited by feature to locate articles that cite the article you originally found.

If we do not have a specific article you are looking for, use Inter Library Loan

Religion Article Databases

Humanities Article Databases

Miltidiciplinary Databases



Book Search Tips

I recommend starting your search with Ignacio.  Ignacio is the catalog of books held by Gleeson Library. The next step is searching Link + a consortium of 40 libraries in California, we can get the item in about 3 days.  If you want to search for books that exist on a topic use World Cat.  World Cat is a Union catalog, in other words, the catalog of thousands of libraries all at once.  Once you have identified a book in World Cat, see if we have it in either Ignacio or Link+.  If not available through these systems use Inter Library Loan. Books via Inter Library Loan take longer than articles or book chapters so plan ahead.

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