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PHIL 253 Problems in Democracy (Parris) -02

Problems in Democracy Class Guide

This Guide is for Professor Parris's Class Problems in Democracy Phil 253 

The front page features a variety of resources for your research.  There is also a highlights section at the bottom of the page which includes some resources which may be helpful to one or two groups.  I will be expanding the highlights section as I get to know your topics. Please check back a day or two after you have has your Library session.   On the left are additional helpful pages.  

 Please schedule an appointment if you need assistance finding resources for your topic.

Journal Articles and more

Philosophy, Politics, and Sociology Databases

Multidiciplinary Databases

Argument / Opinion



Government Documents 

Select Government Document Resources 



Selected resources on a variety of topics that may be helpful to one or more groups.  This Section will be expanded After I have explored your topics in your Library session.


Libraries and Archives

Political Parties

Money in Politics and Lobbyists

Mass Incarceration

Ask A Librarian