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Health Communication

This guide helps you to find sources on health communication topics

Welcome to this research guide on health communication. This guide is an introduction to some of our resources on health communication. For more in-depth research, contact us and a librarian can help you with your research. 

Searching Tips

As you search in databases, book catalogs, and on the web, always think about the words you are using in your search and see if you can use other words that mean similar things. For example:

Health and Communication

In addition to using "health" try other words like "doctors" "nurses" "physicians" "patients" "hospitals" "medical personnel"  etc.

In addition to using "communication" try words like "discourse" or "talk" or "conversation" etc.

Scholarly journals, magazines, and news sources


Overviews and background information

Encyclopedias can be good sources for basic background information

Ask A Librarian