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CINAHL Tutorials

CINAHL search tutorials

Printable CINAHL Guide 

Introduction to CINAHL 

This video will demonstrate a keyword search in CINAHL 

CINAHL Subject Headings

Subject headings can be used to construct an advanced search in CINAHL. The first video goes over the concept of subject headings, the second demonstrates how to identify subject headings for concepts of interest and build a search using subject headings, and the third video demonstrates how to use subject headings to find theory based research articles. 

Introduction to Subject Headings

Unfamiliar with the concept of subject headings? Watch this quick video to find out how subject headings can benefit your search strategy. 

Searching CINAHL using Subject Headings 

Identify the appropriate subject headings for your research topic and build a search using subject headings.

Using CINAHL subject headings to find theory-based research 

Finding research that uses a particular theory can tricky- CINAHL subject headings can make it easier. 

Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses in CINAHL

Learn how to find systematic reviews and meta-analyses in CINAHL. 

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