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Epidemiology and Global Health

Information sources for epidemiology and global health

Country Background Information 

Find background information on countries of interest. 

Health Data by Country

Find data and statistics about health conditions in a country of interest. 

Databases for Epidemiological and Global Health Research

Using PubMed's Medical Subject Headings (MeSH terms) to locate epidemiological information.

For background information on MeSH, view this brief video. "Epidemiology" is a MeSH subheading that, when combined with the MeSH term for a specific disease, returns articles on the distribution, causative factors and attributes of the disease in a specific population. The MeSH heading "Morbidity" can be combined with other terms to bring back articles about the proportion of patients with a particular disease during a given year, per given unit of population. This term includes the concepts of Incidence and Prevalence, which can also be searched separately.

Using CINAHL to find epidemiological information

As is the case with PubMed, "Epidemiology" is a subheading that can be used to find articles about the distribution and frequency of diseases, injuries and other health-related events and their causes in a desired population.
Morbidity and Mortality are also subject headings in CINAHL. For best results use the AND operator to combine these terms with the subject heading for a disease, injury, health-related event or geographical location

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