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RefWorks Guide

Create a RefWorks Account

Create a RefWorks account by signing in to RefWorks with your MyUSF username and password. 

If you had previously created a RefWorks account using your USF email address and a password of your choosing, you will be prompted to associate your existing credentials with your MyUSF credentials. We recommend linking to your MyUSF credentials for ease of use.

Alternatively, you can go to Click Use login from my institution. Start typing "University of San Francisco" or select "University of San Francisco" from the list of schools. On the following "Choose how to sign" page, select "University of San Francisco," and sign in with your MyUSF credentials. 

Sign in to use RefWorks


Your RefWorks account is tied to your USF email address. If you do not want to use your USF email address, click on your username in the upper right after signing in to RefWorks. Select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. You can update your user information here, including your email address. 

RefWorks Alumni Accounts

USF alumni have free access to RefWorks for as long as the library maintains its subscription. 

If you already have a RefWorks account

After you graduate, you will need to update your profile:

  1. Log in to RefWorks
  2. Click on your username in the upper right, and choose "Settings." Change your role to "Alunni" and hit "Save."  
  3. You may continue to use RefWorks as you did as a student. 

If you do not have a RefWorks account

Alumni who have never had a RefWorks account before may register for a RefWorks alumni account, which you'll have access to for as long as the library subscribes to RefWorks.

  1. Log in to RefWorks.
  2. Complete the required information and click Next. 
  3. On the following panel, under role, select "Alumni." 
  4. Click the Create Account button. You will be brought into your new, empty RefWorks account. 
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