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ENGR 410: Project & Design Capstone I


Resources and Strategies for Finding Project Information

Google and Fusion

Use Google and Fusion together to search for information on specific questions across the widest variety of sources.

Google will provide access to publicly available information, and Fusion will provide access to published materials that are not available on the web or are otherwise behind a paywall.

Library Resources

Gleeson Library can provide you with access to scholarly and popular articles, books, and videos for background information, as well as detailed analyses and technical information on many of your topics. 


Check the library's Research Guides to browse for databases relevant to your information need.


Information Need:
How many salons are in San Francisco?

Information Source:
Among the library's business resources is a database that tracks companies and businesses.

Government Information

Government agencies at the local, state, and national levels are excellent sources of information and statistics on the areas that they govern.


Use the library's Government Information guides for links to many useful government, intergovernmental, and non-governmental (NGO) sites.


Information Need:
Where are the public toilets in San Francisco? 

Information Source:
SF.GOV — the website of the City and County of San Francisco


Citing Sources and Citation Management

Citation Manager


Citation Style Guides

Ask A Librarian