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Faculty Loan Policies: Faculty Loan Policies

Faculty Borrowers

A faculty borrower is a member of the teaching faculty currently employed by the University of San Francisco on a full-time or part-time basis. All categories of the faculty, regardless of tenure status or full vs. part-time teaching assignments, are accorded identical loan privileges. Emeriti faculty are also accorded faculty loan privileges. A current USF faculty identification card must be presented when borrowing library materials. All library books must be checked out at the Library Help Desk prior to entering the adjunct office space.

Faculty Proxy Borrowers

A faculty proxy borrower is a person authorized by a faculty member to borrow library materials for the faculty member's use. To designate such a person, the faculty member completes a proxy authorization form at the Library Help Desk. A special card is then issued to the proxy borrower. The duration of the proxy authorization may be up to one full academic year, fall, spring and summer, and must be renewed or a new proxy assigned upon expiration. Each faculty member is limited to one proxy per designated period. The faculty member is responsible for library materials borrowed in his/her name by the assigned proxy. 

A Gleeson Library | Geschke Center Proxy Card is valid only at Gleeson Library | Geschke Center.

Lending by Faculty

Faculty members who lend students or others any library materials which they have checked out are responsible for those materials. The library recommends that such materials be returned to the library and placed on hold for the person who needs them. This service can be arranged at the Library Help Desk.

Sabbaticals and Other Leaves

A faculty member who leaves the local area for more than two weeks should return borrowed materials or make arrangements with family and/or departmental staff to insure prompt return of any library materials which may be recalled during their absence. 

A faculty member who leaves the local area for an entire semester on sabbatical or other leave of absence is required to return all library materials before leaving.

Suspension of Library Privileges

Failure to respond to recall notices or overdue notices within the time limits specified and/or failure to pay fines or for materials lost by the borrower results in suspension of library privileges or progressive disciplinary action. A person who has had their library privileges suspended is not entitled to service from any department of the Library. Library privileges are restored after recalled or overdue items are returned or payment is made for lost items.

Expiration of Borrowing Privileges

Full-time and part-time faculty members separating from University employment—even on a temporary basis—must return all library materials. Faculty borrowing privileges terminate upon separation from employment.