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HONC 320: Slavery and Race in the Americas

This is the research guide for Professor Stanfield's HONC 320 class on slavery and race in the Americas.


The digital collections below can include historical documents and images that contain deeply disturbing racist and/or painful descriptions of human enslavement primarily of Africans and African Americans.

Primary Sources


Primary Sources are original records of information or eye-witness accounts of events that are used to interpret and gain insight into historical people, decisions, movements, and events.

Examples include:documents, speeches, letters, photographs, artwork, audio & video recordings, diaries, artifacts, and the digital equivalent of all of these 

When searching for primary sources in books and articles use keywords related to your topic plus terms like, "diaries", "correspondence", "interviews", or "speeches".

When searching for primary sources that have been digitized and are available online use keywords related to your topic plus terms like, "digital collections", "archives", or "special collections" and limit the domain to .edu or .org.

Secondary Sources



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