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HRM-BUS 342 Human Resources and Technology Project (Jackson)

Use this guide to gather information so that you can make strong recommendations for how technology can impact human resources processes at your chosen company!

Penny's Tips:

* Be flexible about your keywords in searching. If you are researching human resources procedures, be general, but also be specific. Example: General: human resources, employment, organizational structure. Specific: onboarding, or other specific procedures. Same with technology that will impact HR; be general and also search for specific tools.

*Read between the lines. The articles and company information you read MIGHT be very specific about your company's problems, but sometimes you will have to read carefully and make your own conclusions about what the author is saying.

*Gather many voices. You will want to look at your company from many perspectives so that you have a more complete picture: (The company web site itself, analyst reports, journalists), as well as different types of materials (financial reports, news, charts of data).

Company Overviews

Start with your company's web site: Press releases, media, products, company history, and other information.

Then try:

Company News and Articles

Citing Your Sources

Whenever you do research, you will need to cite the information sources that you use. Most business scholars use APA style. Here are some tools that can help you with this task:


Gleeson Library's guide to citations: How? Why? When? 


Getting Help!

There are several ways to obtain assistance with your research. Read on!

You have your very own librarian! She is Penny Scott, and you can contact her for help. 

Her contact information is: email: * phone: 415-422-5389

It is best to  email ahead, or make an appointment, to make sure she is available! Appointments are available virtually via Zoom, or in person, and are great for groups or individuals. If you don't see a time that works for you, email Penny. 

If Penny is not available, or any time you need help, you can always get help, just Ask a Librarian!

You can also take a look at our Research Guides on many topics!

Ask A Librarian