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MSN Library Orientation

An orientation to library resources for masters nursing student.

Welcome! From Gleeson Library 

A video introduction from your librarian

Asking questions & finding a research topic

The following brief video will discuss strategies for developing a research question.

Learning Outcomes

Students will: 

  • Know how to distinguish between topics they’re curious about and those they merely like
  • Understand that research questions should not be too broad or too narrow

Searching with Keywords

Once you've developed a suitable research question, it's time to dive into the databases. This presentation will introduce you to some general concepts relevant to keyword searching. Make sure you don't skip the two videos at the end-- they provide essential information on how to search CINAHL and PubMed. 

Learning outcomes

Students will: 

  • Generate a list of relevant keywords for their search
  • Combine those keywords using AND, OR, and NOT
  • Use parentheses and quotes as part of their search strategy, as needed

To view the content, click on the image of the wolves and start scrolling. 

Adobe Spark Page

Watch the CINAHL keyword searching video again!

Watch the PubMed keyword searching video again! 

Searching with Subject Headings

Using subject headings make you a more effective researcher, particularly when keyword searches just aren't working. This presentation will explain what subject headings are, and the two brief videos at the end will show you how to run a search using subject headings in CINAHL and PubMed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how subject headings can improve the accuracy of a search
  • Use the thesaurus in CINAHL and the MeSH database in PubMed to identify appropriate subject headings and use the in a search. 

To view the content, click on the image of the wolves and start scrolling. 

Adobe Spark Page

Watch the CINAHL subject heading search video again!

Watch the PubMed subject heading videos again- view the introduction to MeSH video or the combining MeSH terms video

Plagiarism & Citing Sources


Check your knowledge about plagiarism. Click on the small gray circles at the bottom of the image to progress through the quiz slides.

Citing Sources using APA 7th Edition

Watch the following brief videos on references and in-text in APA 7th Edition style.


APA 7th Edition In-text Citations

APA 7th Edition References

Ask A Librarian