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Faculty Proxies: Faculty Proxies

A faculty proxy is a person authorized by a faculty member to borrow library materials for the faculty member's use.

Creating a Faculty Proxy

  • To create a faculty proxy, the faculty member and the designated proxy must complete the online Proxy Authorization Form below.
  • The designated proxy must view the Proxy Orientation Tutorial below.

The duration of the proxy authorization may be up to one full academic year (fall, spring and summer) and must be renewed or a new proxy assigned upon expiration.

Each faculty member is limited to one proxy per designated period. The faculty member is responsible for library materials borrowed in his/her name by the assigned proxy.

Proxy Orientation Tutorial



Procedures for Proxy Interlibrary Loan Requests

Important notice: An interlibrary loan item can be checked-out only by the person under whose name the request was made. If the proxy makes the request, only the proxy can check-out the material; if the faculty member submits the request under their own name, only the faculty member can check-out the material.

Requests filled out incorrectly will be returned to the faculty member. All notifications regarding specific ILL transactions will be addressed to the faculty member; this includes pickup notices, unclear citations, cost authorizations, etc. If you have questions, please contact the Interlibrary Loan Office at (415) 422-5385.