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THRS 202 and SII 106: Portraits of Christ and Sacred Scriptures (Pizzuto)

This guide is for finding resources about the four gospels.

Bible Commentaries

There are many bible commentaries in Gleeson in the stacks on the lower level. Commentaries for the entire bible have call numbers beginning BS485 - BS491. You can browse the stacks to find different commentaries.


Commentaries on only one book of the Bible:

If you are looking for commentaries just on one specific book in the bible, you can search our library catalog with the subject Bible [name of the book you are looking for] commentaries and that will show you commentaries just on that book in the bible.  


Most commentaries only on the book of Matthew begin with the call number BS 2575

Most commentaries only on the book of Mark begin with the call number BS 2585

Most commentaries only on the book of Luke begin with the call number BS 2595

Most commentaries only on the book of John begin with the call number BS 2615


Books with these call numbers are all on the lower level of Gleeson Library.

Finding bibles in print at Gleeson Library

Most English language bibles in print at Gleeson Library can be found on the lower level of the library, beginning with the call number BS185 - BS198. You can browse the stacks in that area to find specific bibles.

Some selected bible translations

Bible Dictionaries and Atlases

Bible Reference Sources

Articles in journals and magazines

You can search for articles about the Bible in this database, which contains the contents of New Testament Abstracts. You can search by topics, like Social Justice and Jesus, or search a specific verse, like "John 3:16"

Bible concordances

A Bible concordance is an alphabetical list of the principal words used in the Bible, listing where in the Bible they are used.

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