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2022 Sustainability Design Challenge

Guide to support Sustainable Design Challenge Teams with their research


The 2022 Sustainability Design Challenge

The 2022 Sustainability Design Challenge is an event in which student teams of mixed majors get together to come up with solutions to promote good habits of sustainable action on campus. Proposals could take the form of an educational campaign, a physical object, a phone app, or any other form that best suits the solution, and could be in general categories such as waste reduction/diversion, energy or water conservation, transport to and from campus, and so on.

Info & Orientation Night: 

Tuesday September 20, 5-7pm, Fromm 125 (Maraschi Room)
Hear about the competition, meet students from other majors, form teams, free food! 

The Challenge: 

Saturday October 8th, 9am-7pm
Short kick-off meeting, break into groups to work, lunch together, work again, presentation of proposals to panel of judges, dinner and announcement of winners. Extended USF community and friends are invited to the presentations.

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*This guide was originally created by Librarians Colette Hayes and Gina Solares. 

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