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Wellness and Relaxation Resources

Free online resources to encourage wellness and relaxation.


Using These Resources

This guide is a collection of free online tools to decrease stress, increase mindfulness, and help us build joy, movement, and calm into our busy lives.  College can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful - especially if you are living away from home, managing your finances, and stretched between being of service, finding your community, and doing your best in the classroom.        

Getting Help

This page presents a selection of basic online resources intended to increase your sense of wellbeing and contentment.  If you are experiencing an emergency, or have needs related to your physical or mental health, reach out to get professional help:

Meditation For Everyone

Engaging in a daily meditation practice, or using white noise machines can increase feelings of wellness, calm, and resiliency.  Below are a variety of apps and websites for anyone interested in learning to engage in breathwork, guided meditation, and visualization.

For more on cultivating mindfulness, you can also try these campus resources:

Thoughtful Engagement

Sometimes, it's best to keep busy.  One way you can do this thoughtfully is by colouring in pages - this can provide a sense of achievement or completion, improve focus and motor skills, brighten up your space, and finished pages make lovely gifts!

Another way to keep busy and make sense of what is happening is by keeping a journal.  Taking time to write down your thoughts is a great way to process events, express yourself, and reduce stress.  It can also be helpful to record your ideas and clear your mind during stressful times.

Streaming The Great Outdoors

Sometimes, we can't get out among nature as much as we'd like to, and not everyone has a companion animal in their home!  Below are a selection of high-resolution livestreams from zoos, parks, animal shelters, and nature enthusiasts around the globe.

Moving With Intention

Regular exercise helps us produce endorphins, manage stress, and build our overall health.  Below are a selection of resources created to help build a mindful, body-positive exercise programme within your own home, with no additional equipment needed.

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