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Gender and the Environment Library Display

Student Art Gallery

These objects were created by students in ENVA 390-02: Gender and Environment (taught by Prof. Adrienne Johnson, Spring 2020) as part of Gleeson Library's Student Social Justice Exhibit program. Many thanks to these students for sharing their work with the USF community. The exhibit also includes a collection of ebooks, handpicked by Library Liaison Carol Spector, from Gleeson Library's virtual stacks.

Lenticular about ecofeminism
Slideshow about exploitative labor practices
Song: Come Unity
Drawing of a tree of life
Collage: Built Environments, College Campuses and Sexual Assault
Painting of Golden Gate Bridge with female faces in the clouds
Painting of flowers with handprints as petals
Painting of hands holding Earth
Audio file about the future of our planet
Video of a political drawing
Video about gender in humans and non-human species
Digital flipbook: The Overpopulation Mythos
Digital zine: Climate Change is Patriarchal
Poster about women of color and health care
Four images of natural landscapes
Ask A Librarian