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The library will be closed on Wednesday, June 19 in observance of Juneteenth. Gleeson Library encourages all individuals in the USF community to use this day to reflect on and actively engage in anti-racism work.

Gender and the Environment Library Display

Audio file that showcases the positive changes that some have envisioned for the future on this planet. See the heading Description for a full description.


Kahli Merriman


Audio file that showcases the positive changes that some have envisioned for the future on this planet.


Penny Opal Plant of Idle No More said that in order to positively work toward and participate in the creation of a cleaner, happier, and more stable earth, we must first envision what we want the future of our earth to look like. She emphasized that we can not work towards something that we cannot first imagine in our minds, we must set our goals explicitly. I found this to be a very moving statement, because many of us discuss the environmental crisis and debate over what solutions may help us solve it, but what are we even working towards? I enjoyed Idle No More’s point of view because it emphasized a very positive outlook on the issue, instead of concentrating on negative aspects. This is a concept that is also discussed in the Feminist Political Ecology movement when it often critiques the use of apocalyptic environmental crisis senarios. This meaning that they find overwhelming and exaggerated approaches to our environmental struggles as being counter-productive to change. Some may say that instilling fear and urgency into others is a productive way to get people to act on our environmental crisis, however I do not always agree with this method and I believe that both the Idle No More organization and the Feminist Political Ecology movement highlight this. I feel that it is important to stay positive when working through these tedious struggles, and to always keep our inspiring goals in the forefront of our minds. This way we will feel even more motivated and excited during our journey to create a better relationship with our planet and the humans on it. Therefore, I wanted to create a platform for community members to evaluate and document what they envision and want to work towards for their future on this planet.

Thanks to the help of Melanie Chica, Alexander Deppe, Reanne Lacosta, Kellie Manchester, Ethan Gomez, Alicia Perez, Tyler Roberts, and Julia Nolfo.

Song Credit: Energetic Indie by Morninglightmusic

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