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Refugees: Justice and Ethics Library Display 2020

An infographic showing the country's part and ways of dealing with refugees and how these countries policies would affect a refugee. See heading Description for more details.


Waverly Bah


An infographic showing the country's part and ways of dealing with refugees and how these countries policies would affect a refugee.


Refugee:It is someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.

The definition of what is today “Refugee” deemed by the 1951 Convention is a definition that has failed to even protect the ever-evolving refugee. We see that with the emergence of climate change, drastic deterioration of economies, and much more, What it means to be a “Refugee” means to represent an exceptional case to status what happens when the version of today's exceptional case is not represented. The definition has left many in limbo not only but also in situations of detention unable to escape situations. It is not only the limits that play a game but the very aspect of implementation. There are different implementations and no clear pathway for applying to be a refugee. The very countries that played a part in constructing this definition plays a huge part in implementing and the overall treatment of refugees from ground zero up.

We had looked at “Refugees in America” where one of USF's very professors, Lee Bycel, had built a collection of refugee stories. I wanted to tell you the story of these people around the world whose lives are at risk due to economics, violence, and climate change, and much more I wanted to expose the very limitations and the people being left out.I took a I want to show that even those that fall under the definition aren't getting the help they need. I want to show that being a refugee at times is not accessible not only to the people outside the definitions but those it’s meant for. How each country has a different take and interpretation of the definition laid down by the convention. I wanted to show the parallel of the country at the forefront of the refugee crisis and the very refugees themselves. I wanted to reflect the pathway to receiving citizenship is in some key countries.I also wanted to show the countries that shoulder much of the burden of the refugee. I choose Jordan because it holds one of the biggest populations of refugees; The Palestinians. I produced Infographic showing you the different sides of the countries and the variation of laws and policy dealing with refugees Each part is supposed to represent the players a part of the refugee story whether it be the people and the governments.

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