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Refugees: Justice and Ethics Library Display 2020

Student Art Gallery

These objects were created by students in Refugees: Justice and Ethics (a Swig Program in Jewish Studies and Social Justice course taught by Noa Bar-Gabai in Spring 2020) as part of Gleeson Library's Student Social Justice Exhibit program. Many thanks to these students for sharing their research!

Collage showing that the United States southern border detention centers are modern day concentration camps.
Drawing portraying the transformation of immigrants as they traverse the different terrains and situations to get to the U.S only to be restricted at the South Border.
A caricature drawing depicting climate refugees at the U.S. border
Painting/collage made w/crayon, fingerpaint, and color pencil depicting the hands of child detainees at the southern border
A set of 8 portraits of refugee women who have made prominent names for themselves and advocated for immigration reform. The portraits are to humanize refugees and put faces to the stats as well as emphasize the pride and power of women.
Drawing portraying climate refugees who have been displaced and the effect of climate change on the places in which they live.
Drawing portraying the difficulties that children are facing due to child detention and MPP program
Collage of confiscated items at the border and the creation of bare life.
Painting representing the effects of climate change on islands like Tuvalu that will eventually be fully submerged.
Board game exhibiting the hardships of the MPP process in a Monopoly-esque style.
Collage on climate change and its negative impact on various climate refugees.
Infographic on carbon emissions by country and climate change displacements
Infographic about US/Mexico border and the many sets of harms caused by the current and past US immigration policy (Land of Open Graves).
Digital art piece portraying refugees facing confinement by documents and legislation, as opposed to being seen as human beings
Infographic on climate change depicting the hardest hit areas and the largest contributors to the pollution.
Poem about the vulnerability and limited power of asylum seekers against the unethical bureaucratic procedure of the refugee agency through the story “The American Embassy” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche
Infographic showcasing the ethical implications of MPP and hazardly informal camps at the U.S/Mexico border
Infographic analyzing the 1951 Convention refugee definition, unpacking its limitations and highlighting the lack of protections for people seeking refuge due to climate change. See the heading Description for more information.
Infographic about the limitations of the 1951 refugee definition and what areas it doesn’t cover.
An infographic showing the country's part and ways of dealing with refugees and how these countries policies would affect a refugee.
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