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Indigenous Studies Resources

Indigenous Research Methods

Below are a selection of resources to help you consider Indigenous perspectives and incorporate Indigenous scholars within your research. Not all of these scholars are in agreement - which is to be expected! Indigenous people are not monolithic, and encompass a variety of perspectives and experiences.

Citing Indigenous Knowledge

In traditional Western citation systems, written knowledge is positioned as valid, and other knowledge transmissions such as oral history or storytelling are considered unreliable, despite being used for centuries by Indigenous cultures around the globe. Increasingly, Indigenous scholars are creating new frameworks that acknowledge the validity of ancestral knowledge, and the relationships between peoples and lands. Below are some resources that can help you rethink power dynamics around Indigenous peoples and research. Regardless of what citation style you use, remember that citations can be a form of kinship and respect, and it is vital to acknowledge where your information came from, and whose work contributed to it.


Below is a selection of books in our collection which demonstrate Indigenous approaches to research, including relationality, experiential learning, and data sovereignty.

Indigenous Academic Journals

Below are a selection of academic journals which centre and publish Indigenous scholars, storytellers, and perspectives.

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