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School of Management Faculty Library Guide

Learn all the ways Gleeson Library can support your teaching, research, scholarly impact, and much more!

How to use this guide

Want to share an article with your students? Need to upload your work into USF's Scholarship Repository? Trying to get current about what business information Gleeson Library provides? Use this guide to do these things and more:

  • Find articles to use for your classes

  • Get business data and reports for teaching and research

  • Learn about library services and features that you can recommend to your students

  • Schedule library support for you and your classes


There is lots here, if there is something you can't find reach out to your librarian, Penny Scott

Teaching support

Canvas Modules for Library Support

I have developed a number of library research modules in Canvas, and they are ready to be imported into your courses! It is a short but growing list, and I welcome your input about the modules you'd like to see next!

If you see a module you'd like to import, I've listed the steps below:

Steps for Importing a Library Research Module into Your Canvas Course

Start by logging in to Canvas and going to your Dashboard

Along the left side of the screen will be a green bar menu, select the Commons button:

Now you are in the Canvas Commons, which contains thousands of modules produced by people all over the world.

Search: penny scott

Screen shot of Canvas Commons

Your results will show all of the modules I’ve currently produced. Don't see one you need? Let me know and I'll make one for you!

Select the one you want, then click “Import/Download” and select the course that you want the module to go to

Importing a module into a Canvas course

Screen shot of importing a module into a Canvas course


Importing a module into a Canvas course


You will get this message:

Message for importing a module into a Canvas course

Go into your course, and check that the library module is now there in your Module list.

Using Harvard Business Review Articles and Cases

Harvard Business Publishing has very restrictive rules for using their materials, essentially, it is not permitted for anyone to print, link to, or otherwise share any of their articles or cases for any educational purposes, either in class, on Canvas, via library reserves, or any other method. If you do want to use Harvard Business Review articles or cases in your teaching, you will need to create an Educator's Account there, then create a coursepack of the articles you want that students will have to pay to download. If students access articles or cases through your account, they will be able to download materials at a slightly discounted rate.

Please contact Penny Scott: for questions about Harvard Business Publishing materials.

Facilitating Your Research

Measuring and Increasing Your Scholarly Impact

There are a number of tutorials, including ones on topics such as:

How to make corrections to your author profile

How to keep track of an author

How to view and understand article metrics in Scopus

Overview of journal metrics in Scopus

and much more!

Supporting Your Students' Success

Ask A Librarian