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Writing and Publishing in the Health Sciences

Writing for publication, identifying publishing opportunities, comparing journals using bibliometrics, open access publications, and copyright information.

Where to submit your manuscript

The following resources can help you generate a list of potential journals for publication.

Selecting a journal for your manuscript: A 4 step process

Sharifi, C., & Buccheri, R. K.. (2019). Selecting a journal for your manuscript: A 4-step process. Journal of Professional Nursing.

This article provides nurses, particularly those new to scholarly publishing, with clear, plain language guidance on the processes and considerations involved in selecting a journal for publication.

Tools that will help you identify a journal for your manuscript

Using CINAHL to find publications

Watch this brief video on using CINAHL to identify potential journals for publication.

Advice from Publishers

Tips and best practices from publishers on getting your manuscript accepted for publication. 

Ask A Librarian