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Library Introduction for Doctoral Nursing & Health Professions Students

An introduction to Gleeson Library Resources for doctoral nursing and health professions students.

Using USF Full Text Finder

Learning how to use USF's Full Text Finder will make getting the full text of articles you find in PubMed and CINAHL much easier. Full Text Finder is an icon you'll find in PubMed, and sometimes in CINAHL, that will tell you: 1. if USF has a subscription to the resource, and 2. what link to use to access that subscription. 

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to: 

  • Utilize Full Text Finder to retrieve the full text of articles USF has access to
  • Order articles USF does not have access to through interlibrary loan

Searching the Library Catalog 

This page contains information on how to search Gleeson Library's catalog for print books, ebooks, DVDs, streaming videos, and other content. This page also contains information about home delivery of books and other items for online students and students taking classes at regional our campuses. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Use the Library Ignacio catalog to discover and access books in print and electronic format
  • Execute a simple keyword search in the library catalog


Library Catalog: Basic Search video 

This brief video goes over how to do a simple keyword search in the library's catalog. 


Home Delivery during COVID-19 Quarantine

Books from the USF Gleeson Library/Geschke Center are available for home shipment, including free delivery and return, using a prepaid UPS return mailing label and the original packaging, through the Document Delivery service.

Find step-by-step instructions on requesting a book for home delivery here: Gleeson Home Delivery Instructions

Journal Finder 

Does USF have a subscription to the Journal of Nursing Administration? What about the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health? These and similar questions can be answered by searching the library's Journal Finder resource. 

Journal Finder is best to use when you want to find out if USF has a subscription to a specific publication, or if you want to browse the table of contents of a specific publication. If you are looking for research on a topic or subject, or if you are interested in content from multiple publications, you're better off using one of our newspaper or journal article databases

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the purpose of Journal Finder
  • Utilize Journal Finder to determine if USF has a subscription to a particular journal, and the dates that subscription encompasses.
  • Utilize Journal Finder to retrieve the full text of articles from journals USF subscribes to. 


Brief video on using USF's Journal Finder resource 

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