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Now that you have graduated, or are contemplating graduation, you may be wondering how USF’s Gleeson Library | Geschke Center can serve you once you become an alumnus. This guide will give you the basics on your Gleeson Library privileges once you graduate, as well as selected public libraries and web sites where you can obtain free research tools and quality information.

Access to Gleeson Library and its Resources After Graduation

Library Cards, Library Access and Borrowing Privileges:

  • USF Alumni may purchase a Special Access Only card for $20. This card is good for one year and allows access to the library building, computers, and databases (when visiting the library building), but does not allow borrowing privileges.
  • USF Alumni may purchase a Special Access / Borrowing card for $50, which includes all the access above plus library materials borrowing privileges.
  • New alums within the first 12 months of graduation can apply for a FREE access to the library building and a borrowing card that lasts for one year.
  • More information on alumni library access
  • USF Alumni may access the library's databases from within the Library only.

Printing/Photocopying/Scanning in the Library: 

  • Printing and photocopying: There is a charge for printing and photocopying in the library. Printing cards must be obtained at the Library Help Desk. There is a $5.00 minimum for adding money to the card. The fee is $ 0.07 per page for black and white, and $ 0.30 for color. 
  • Scanning: There is one scan-to-USB scanner on the first floor, plus scanning capabilities on the multipurpose printers.
  • Note: You can put funds on your card online at the OneCard web site, using a credit or debit card.
  • More information on printing/photocopying/scanning

Using the Library’s Online Databases:

  • When you are coming to the library in person, you can use any of the library’s databases at any of the library's computers, or with your own laptop, using a guest login provided at the Library Help Desk. Library databases can only be used within the library due to contracts with database providers.

Freely Available USF Materials

Finding and Using Other Libraries

Open Access Repositories and Collections

Open Access Articles

Open Access Books

Select Freely Available Resources By Subject Area

Education Sources

Women, Feminist, and Gender Studies

The Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Science

Theology, Religion, and Philosophy

Videos, Photographs, and Sound Recordings

Citing and Organizing Information

Ask A Librarian