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Disability Resource Guide

Library, campus and community resources on disability

Campus Resources

This guide was created in collaboration with Student Disability Services to celebrate Disability Awareness Week. It is a compilation of library and community resources on disability. Whether you need support or would like to learn more about the lives of disabled people, USF and Gleeson Library have resources available. From graphic memoirs and instructional works of fiction to educational texts, a myriad of Disability Studies and Disability Justice resources are available in our collection.


Below is a selection of books available from Gleeson Library - new titles are forthcoming.

Graphic Novels

Below are selections that include graphic novels purchased with the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) Collection Equity Award granted to Gleeson Library in 2023. The full list of titles purchased with the NNLM Collection Equity Grant can be found in our catalog with the keyword phrase "nnlm collection equity."

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