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Videos & Streaming Media for Faculty

Guide to media collections and requests for faculty.

Requesting new video titles

Please use the form below for library video acquisition requests, and bear in mind:

  • Streaming videos must be requested by faculty each year the videos are intended for use.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for library staff to process your request before you need a film.
  • Most streaming platforms that are marketed to consumers (Netflix, etc.) have terms of use that prohibit sharing of the videos, so these films may be unavailable to libraries.
  • The library has thousands of streaming titles; check our collections for films before placing a request.
  • Many films are not available at all in streaming format. Generally, permission from copyright holders must be secured before these can be streamed.
  • For in-class viewing, it is possible to screen DVDs in the classrooms. DVDs can be placed on course reserves for your students to check out for short periods. The library also has DVD players they can borrow.
  • Educational streaming licenses cost an average of $150-$200 per title per year, so please request only those new streaming video acquisitions that you're sure you will use.
  • Making the best use of financial resources means that we must carefully weigh every request.
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