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Public Health

Resources for students and faculty in the USF SONHP Public Health program.


This guide will introduce you to Gleeson Library resources that are essential for graduate public health students. It includes links to select databases, as well as tutorials and guides. 



APEX/ILEX/Capstone Projects

Past capstone projects from the Masters in Public Health Program can be found in the USF Institutional Repository.


Select COVID-19 related literature and data

Web Resources

Google Search Tip

The open web (the web that is searchable using Google) is an excellent resource for health data. Limiting to .gov sites using the "site:" operator can be particularly helpful. For example,  the following Google search heart disease epidemiology site:gov will bring back results about the epidemiology of heart disease from the CDC; the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; MedlinePlus; as well as state and local public health departments. 

Google search box containing the terms heart disease site:gov

Watch the brief video below for more Google search tips

Statistical Data

Laws & Legislation 


Citing Sources



APA Resources

APA 7th Edition: Formatting In-Text Citations

APA 7th Edition: Formatting References

Ask A Librarian