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ART 110: History of Design

Research Guide for Art 110: History of Design

Books And Ebooks

Look for books and ebooks in Gleeson's catalog Ignacio! Ebooks can be read directly online, physical books can be shipped to you during this time of remote learning! Use the "request" button to initiate the home ship process. Use Interlibrary Loan to request books that are not available at Gleeson. ILL books are normally delivered within about 1-2 weeks, but occasionally requests take longer.

Suggestions for searching Ignacio

  • Try a Subject Search for the designer or author's name (ex: Eames, Ray or Morris, William) to locate books ABOUT that person, including autobiographies, collections of letters, etc.
  • You might also try Subject searches for terms such as Design History or Fashion Design.

Other book ideas:

Internet archive

Google Books (does not normally provide full text, but you can search for titles and then cross search to see if we have them at Gleeson, or order them through Interlibrary Loan)

Ask A Librarian