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The library will be closed on Wednesday, June 19 in observance of Juneteenth. Gleeson Library encourages all individuals in the USF community to use this day to reflect on and actively engage in anti-racism work.

Urban and Public Affairs

handout for Urban and Public Affairs describing online resources

This handout offers an overview of the library’s online research guide for Urban and Public Affairs. It lists several databases that will help you get started with your research: Urban Studies Abstracts (journal articles), Political Science Complete (politics articles), SocIndex (sociology articles), Access World News (newspaper articles) and Policy Map (online mapping database). All of these databases can be accessed on the library’s Databases A to Z page. The infographic also includes information on how to build your search strategy. Using the AND operator requires both terms (ex.San Francisco AND gentrification). The OR operator searches for one or the other terms or both (ex. gentrification OR displacement). NOT excludes a term (ex. NOT Canada). Placing an asterisk at the end of your term includes various word endings (ex. gentrif*). Placing quotes around your term looks for the exact phrase (ex. “suburban sprawl”). Information about managing your research and creating a list of works cited is also included on the graphic. Find more information about creating a RefWorks account. Carol Spector is the library liaison for the Environmental Management program. She can be contacted by email at, by phone at 415.422.2040, and by appointment.

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