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Museum Studies

A guide to Gleeson Library for Museum Studies Graduate Students



Museum Studies book are shelved in the AM section of the library (Gleeson Lower Level). That section is then broken down into subsections:

  •  AM1-(501) Museums. Collectors and collecting
    • AM10-100 By country
    • AM111-160 Museology. Museum methods, technique, etc.
    • AM200-(501) Collectors and collecting

Ignacio Search Strategies 

  • Keyword Tab
    To search for books about a topic that you're interested in researching, try a keyword search. Click the "Keyword" tab and enter keywords or phrases that you would use to describe your topic. For example: Museums and Architecture. This a broad search and will return books that mention museums and architecture, but may not be principally about that subject.


  • Subject Tab
    To search for books that librarians have tagged as being mostly about a certain subject, try a subject search in Ignacio. Click the "Subject" tab and enter, for example, the word Museum. Then choose a subheading -- like Museum Architecture -- to find books about that subject.

What if Gleeson doesn't have the book that I'm looking for? Or what if I'd like to expand my search to other libraries?

Try WorldCat or the Internet Archive. Searching WorldCat expands your search to libraries throughout the world. If a nearby library has what you are looking for, WorldCat will show you where and in what format. The Internet Archive is a free, open source repository with many types of media. 

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