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Museum Studies

A guide to Gleeson Library for Museum Studies Graduate Students

Getting Started

Library Homepage:

Pre-Search Tasks:


Topics and Keywords

  • Your topic might morph and change as you conduct your research and gather information: this is part of the process.

  • Brainstorm keywords and synonyms, write them down, keep track of them, and add to them if necessary as you go along.

  • Example: Museums/Architecture or design or Construction/sustainability or environmentally conscious.

  • Consider using a research log to keep track of your keywords and search strategies.

Keeping track of references/sources

  • Consider using Refworks, or another online reference manager to create a personal database of your references/sources.

    • Online reference managers can also help you automatically generate citations, as well as entire bibliographies and works cited lists. 

    • Check Refworks citations against citation manuals. Refworks citations are not always perfect and might need to be edited or cleaned-up. This page of the library website has more information about Refworks and citation styles and manuals:

    • To create a Refworks account: click the RefWorks link below or go to: Then click CREATE ACCOUNT at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. 

Ask A Librarian