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Sport Management

USF library resources and services for Master in Sport Management students

Finding Information

Fusion (Gleeson Library: Search: Databases)

Fusion allows you to search - in one place - the majority of the Library’s books, e-books and articles. It includes all the materials in our Ignacio Library Catalog, as well as the content of most of our journal article databases.

The Library also subscribes to several e-book collections. Individual e-books are included in Fusion, the Ignacio Library Catalog, and several databases.

Articles can be found in different kinds of periodicals: news, popular magazines, trade publications, and scholarly (or peer-reviewed/refereed) journals

Google Scholar: Searching Google Scholar can retrieve some useful articles and information. Use the date ranges on the left for more precision. Adjust the Settings for "Library Links" and choose the two University of San Francisco options. Your search results will show if USF has full text access. Use the Advanced Search to do a more complex search and/or to limit results to a particular domain (.gov, .edu, .com).

Full Text Journals / Journal Finder (Gleeson Library: Search)

To find the full text of known articles, use our Journal Finder.

If the full text is not immediately available in your search result, the Full Text Finder icon will guide you to options for locating the complete article, whether it’s in our collection, from Google, or through our Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery service.

Databases (Gleeson Library: Search: Databases)

If you’re looking for articles on more narrowly focused subjects, statistical data, encyclopedia articles or images, use Databases targeted to specific types of information.

Databases are arranged in 3 sections:


Catalog / Ignacio Library Catalog (Gleeson Library: Search: Books)

If you’re interested in finding only books, or a specific book title, then our library catalog Ignacio Library Catalog is a good place to begin. Named after the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola, Ignacio also links to government reports and some of our full text journals.

Books from other libraries can be requested online through interlibrary loan via ILLiad. For Home Delivery of all materials, please see this instruction page.

Citing Your Sources

Whenever you do research, you will need to cite the information sources that you use. Most business scholars use APA style. Here are some tools that can help you with this task:

Getting Help!

There are several ways to obtain assistance with your research. Read on!

The Sport Management Department has a library liaison named Penny Scott, and you can contact her for help. 

Her contact information is: email: * phone: 415-422-5389

It is best to call or email ahead, or make an appointment, to make sure she is available!

You can also use Penny's appointment calendar. Use Location to select in person or Zoom.

If Penny is not available, or any time you need help, you can always get help, just Ask a Librarian!

Ask A Librarian