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Librarian Development Fund Committee

Submit Your Reconciliation Report

After your return from a conference or complete your LDF activity, please email a reconciliation — the actual amount spent — to the LDF committee as soon as possible. This enables the committee to recalculate the balance remaining in the fund as well as your available spending target balance, if applicable.

How to submit your reconciliation report:
"Reply all" to your approval email from the Library Dean entitled "Your LDF Request [name of activity/event] Has Been Approved".

Please include the following in the email body:
When submitting your reconciliation, please include the following in the body of the email:

  • Activity Name
  • Activity Date
  • Your individual LDF FOAP (odd/even) that you used for the activity/event. (The correct FOAP can be found on your approved LDF Request Form.)
  • Total amount awarded
  • Total amount ultimately spent
  • Remaining balance

Please include all expenses relevant to the LDF request, regardless of when they were incurred. If you are anticipating a refund after the event, alert the committee and submit your final reconciliation when the refund goes through.

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