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POLS 331: Latin American Politics

Secondary Sources: Magazine and Journal Articles

Secondary Sources: Periodicals

Here are some of the key journals and news sources available at USF either in print or online. Use Journal Finder for detailed holdings information.

  • Comparative Political Studies
  • Comparative Politics
  • Development and Change
  • Foreign Affairs
  • International Feminist Journal of Politics (not available at USF)
  • Inter Press Service
  • Journal of Democracy
  • Journal of Latin American Studies
  • Journal of Third World Studies
  • Latin American perspectives
  • Latin American politics and society
  • Latin American Research Review
  • NACLA report on the Americas
  • New Political Science
  • Peace Review
  • Political Science Quarterly
  • Women and Politics
  • World Development
  • World Politics

Secondary Sources: Books

Primary Sources: Newspaper Articles

Primary Sources: Country Reports

Primary Sources: Statistics

Additional Primary Sources

Resources Focusing on Latin America

General Sources

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