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Professional Development

OPE Staff Development Committee 


Statement of Purpose

The OPE Staff Development Committee arose from the strategic planning tactics assigned to the Staff Development Working Group. We believe it is necessary to create a committee that helps bridge the gap of professional development opportunities and resources available to library assistants. There is a need for maintaining a robust professional development and mentorship program that works towards retention of staff and faculty of color. We strive to situate the committee’s work within a critical framework that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in libraries. We recognize the importance of empowering staff with the professional and interpersonal skills necessary to institutionalize Gleeson Library | Geschke Center’s mission. Our aim is to foster a culture where every member of our library community feels supported and inspired to achieve additional personal and professional skills.

Committee Members

  • David Ferguson
  • Michelle Lam
  • Eric Shappy
  • Maura Wilson

Meeting Minutes: 

See the approved meeting minutes

Questions & Feedback

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